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The capsule filling machine makes filling capsules easy. In just minutes, you can make 300 capsules filled with your choice of powders, vitamins, supplements, herbs or oils. Most of the products you consume contain fillers, preservatives and flowing agents. You can avoid these by using this simple and easy system.

Few simple steps to fill capsules using machine :
1) Simply separate the capsules and load the longer half in the holes.
2) Next, fill the capsule with your selected ingredient.
3) Finish by simply replacing the top half of the capsule.

For fluffy ingredients, use the packing/spreader card to press more ingredients into the bottom of the capsule.

Capsule Filling Machine - This set will process 300 capsules at a time

- Simple to use
- Operated Manually
- Easy to clean
- Efficient and durable
- Capacity: 300 capsules

*Note: Can only be exported anywhere in India only.
All prices includes 18% G.S.T

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